As I was scanning the news this past week, and seeing the *continued* doom and gloom in our 24-7 world, the glut of “experts” who clamor for your inbox and your attention, and the unfortunate reality of our scattered, modern age … well, I just thought you should have a better idea about who would be guiding your finances and your tax strategy through all the noise.

Yes, this is a small departure from the pocket-protecting strategies I normally post, but I felt that it was a necessary interregnum.

Oh, and my people helped me put some of these together, as did a certain California gentleman who spent some time in Texas, enforcing the law …

13 Reasons The Taxman Fears Aurelia Weems
“The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do.” – Walter Bagehot
1) Aurelia Weems does not sleep after tax season, but only waits.

2) When the IRS TaxMan goes to sleep each night, he checks his closet for signs of Aurelia Weems. Carefully.

3) Aurelia Weems can lead a horse to water AND make it drink — and analyze a prior-year tax return at the same time.

4) Aurelia Weems counted to infinity — twice. The IRS is still counting.

5) When Aurelia Weems falls into the water, Aurelia Weems doesn’t get wet. Water gets Aurelia Weems. And all documentation is still preserved.

6) Aurelia Weems CAN believe it’s not butter. Treasury agents think that it is probably butter.

7) Aurelia Weems doesn’t read the tax code … but simply stares it down until the information submits.

8) Aurelia Weems can divide by zero. Legally.

9) If you look closely, you can see Aurelia Weems in every scene of Gladiator. Marcus Aurelius was grateful for the tax advice.

10) Aurelia Weems has never blinked over the course of life. Never. Unlike the IRS when they pick up the phone and Aurelia Weems is on the line.

11) Aurelia Weems once fixed an incorrect tax return by simply looking at it. With eyes of fire.

12) Aurelia Weems has never been “away” on vacation. Resort locations come to Aurelia Weems. Even during tax season.

13) Aurelia Weems never hides, but only seeks. And always on your behalf.

Don’t you feel better with Aurelia Weems on your side?

Like I said…a bit self-aggrandizing, but fun :). I hope you enjoyed it. Only certain parts of it are actually true. I’ll leave it to you to figure out which parts.

And all kidding aside — I want you to know how deeply we appreciate the opportunity to serve you and your family THROUGHOUT the year. Yes, the “tax season” is behind us, but we are here for you even still … and grateful for the chance to put our very specific set of skills to work on your behalf.

To your family’s financial and emotional peace…

Aurelia Weems
(936) 273-1188

Aurelia E Weems, CPA