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When it comes to the world of taxes, preparation and planning go a LONG way. We have the expertise and knowledge you are looking for in a tax professional and can help you navigate your options.

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Aurelia Weems CPA On The Omnibus Spending Bill And A Prayer For The Holidays

  It's Monday the 21st today, as I put this email together. We're hard at work, digesting all of the tax provisions in the huge "omnibus" spending bill that was passed on Friday. We'll be taking a few days to break and be with our families for some holiday time...

Aurelia E Weems, CPA’s guide to Avoiding an IRS Scammer

Before I get to today’s topic (some thoughtful guidance on spotting an IRS tax scam) let’s discuss this…It’s that time of year when spending seems to really kick in. Yes, I know we’re still in September, but all of these holidays that seem to mysteriously demand extra...

Aurelia Weems’ Seven End of Year Tax Planning Strategies

Here we are, a week past the election, and it's looking like the year 2000 all over again, with a long, drawn-out process until there is final certification of this election. Back then, it took a full five weeks for all of the legal process to play out. Hopefully, by...

Aurelia Weems’ Three Keys To Get Out of Debt

The World Series is here, football seasons are in full swing, school is deep in session, and the weather is shifting for sure.Fall has a way of running along faster than we realize.It's kind of like our financial picture: things can change REAL fast, and before you...

Aurelia Weems, Your The Woodlands Tax Expert On: What Really Happens To An Estate

How was your long weekend? Nice to have that kind of family time, yes? And, of course, it's sobering to remember the sacrifice made by so many of our veterans. It can be tempting for us to take a look around at all the chaos of our modern world (which, if we let it,...

4 Goals To Jumpstart Your Financial Freedom In The Woodlands In 2018

It feels VERY good to turn the page on 2017, doesn't it? There were so many hard things that we faced as a nation that the opportunity to start fresh feels particularly bright this week. Obviously, and as I've already written about in some detail, we have a brand new...

Efficient, Timely and Accurate

I find Aurelia a highly competent and very personable professional. Her work was efficient, timely and accurate. I highly recommend her. Randy W Geology advisor at Southwestern Energy

Attention All The Woodlands Taxpayers, Tax Season Is Here

Congratulations to the Patriots -- I mean the Tampa Bay Buccaneers -- for their Super Bowl victory.Here at Aurelia E Weems, CPA, we don't have a lot of time to pay much attention to such doings since tax season is here. Even though the actual submission of tax returns...

Getting Started in Real Estate Investing: Some Tips for The Woodlands Investors

Depending on what kind of news you're consuming these days or how much you're paying attention, you might not have been noticing the inflation signals that are popping all over the place. This does have implications for taxpayers of all stripes -- and we will...

5 Tips To Think More Clearly About Financial Decisions For The Woodlands Taxpayers

Despite that title, it has, in fact, been a relatively smooth first week of tax filing here at Aurelia E Weems, CPA The Woodlands, Magnolia and Conroe clients have been streaming through our doors, and we've been enjoying our little mini-reunion with so many longtime...

How You’re Missing Legal Tax Deductions

Here’s a certain truth: the State and Federal Government would love to have more of your hard-earned money in their accounts. Sure, even though it’s painful, none of us begrudge paying our legal and fair share of taxes.
But the problem is that regular taxpayers, like you, are missing out on legal and safe deductions, to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars in unclaimed refunds every year!