tax reform planningWell, apparently we have a new (massive) spending bill in place from Congress, and plenty of the usual suspects are up in arms. Us? We’re too busy preparing tax returns right now to dig into the details of the (2,232 page!) bill, but here is a trustworthy rundown, if you care to read about it. There are some minor tax-related things in there, but nothing hugely significant.

But speaking of taxes, and of significance …

I would like to take a minute here to address you in Woodlands, Conroe and Magnolia who have not yet made the decision to use our services.

After all, we’ve helped many Woodlands, Conroe and Magnolia families “make the switch” over to us, year after year.

But look, I know that change is difficult.

And yes … I also know that you’ve probably established a rhythm with your current provider (even if it’s not a “good” rhythm), and that you might dread the prospect of having to teach a new Woodlands tax professional about your family’s financial dreams and goals.

(By the way, are you using a tax pro who actually cares about those?)

Which is why this note would be for you. 

(And if you’re already using us, then you can safely ignore this particular message, and just kindly forward this on to a couple friends right now — after all, we love to reward our Conroe, Magnolia and Woodlands clients for good referrals!)

Many families are still pulling together their paperwork to deliver to their preparer this week … and before you do that with your existing preparer, I’d like to give you a reason to try us out.

I’d rather not “bad mouth” other tax accountants in the Woodlands, Conroe and Magnolia area, but suffice to say that we’ve had to do our share of re-doing other accountants’ work. In some cases, we’ve recovered significant sums during an amendment process, by reviewing an old return (from the last 3 years), and taking advantage of ethical and legal tax credits and deductions which other accountants don’t utilize.

And with the passage of “tax reform” for future tax years, (The TCJA as we accountants call it, or the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act), the opportunities for savings are significant.

Call us now, and we’ll book your 2018 tax reform planning session for sometime in May or June (after the chaos of tax season subsides), and we’ll work PRO-ACTIVELY on your asset and accounting mix to ensure that your 2018 returns are as well-protected from Uncle Sam’s grasping hands as possible.

With all of the new possibilities inherent within this new legislation, we’re chomping at the bit to help our Woodlands, Magnolia and Conroe clients save BIG this year.

But, well, that only works if you’re our client.

So… join us now. We have limited availability these next six weeks, but we will make room for you.

We’re looking forward to helping you and your family SAVE BIG this year, and for many years to come.


Aurelia Weems
(936) 273-1188

Aurelia E Weems, CPA